Why choose G-gas

With the varied competition in the market, you are probably wondering why you need to go with G-gas. Well, here are eight reasons why:

Quality - Our products undergo stringent quality checks using state of the art equipment to ensure they are safe for our customers.

Safety - We provide high product safety features as well as educate our customers on safety issues.

Greener - LPG Gas is a cleaner and eco friendly source of energy that can be used both in households and commercial businesses. We are helping you reduce your carbon footprint in your environment.

Reliability - Our depots open very early and close late to cater for diverse customer needs.

Value for money - Our prices are competitive in the market.

Consistency - We have sufficient trucks to ensure our bulk sales department make timely deliveries and consistently meet our commitment to our broad range of customers.

Convenience - We have retail outlets and deliveries in the neighborhoods to make our products easily accessible for our household consumers.

Innovative - We continuously strive to provide diverse and affordable LPG solutions to customers distinct from our competitors and to continually invent new solutions for the industry.

Excellence - We endeavor to provide exemplary service to our customers through dedication, integrity and professionalism.