New customer

It’s easy to become a G-gas customer. Walk in to any of our G-gas branded outlets or agents and purchase any of our LPG cylinders or accessories.

During purchase, you will be asked to provide your name and telephone number so as to register you as a G-gas customer and enroll you to our G-loyalty program where you can be able to earn points which you can later redeem at any of our G-gas outlets.

New to LPG
For customers that don’t have a cylinder or want to own an extra cylinder, you will be required to pay a cylinder deposit amount which is refundable if you bring back a G-gas cylinder of similar size.

Already own an existing cylinder?
No problem. GEL is a member of the exchange pool and we will accept any cylinder brand that is a member of the LPG exchange pool. We do request you to give your name and number to our sales executives so that you can benefit from the G-gas loyalty program.

Click here to register for G-gas loyalty