About Us

Green Energy Limited (GEL) is a private limited company registered and domiciled in Kenya whose core business is the import, export, filling, storage and distribution of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG).


GEL was founded on 30th July 2010 with the main aim of providing safe, sustainable and competitively priced gas solutions to households and businesses.


What makes GEL unique is its focus on human values in life. Caring about ourselves and others; the safety concept encompasses not only the staff of GEL, but also the consumer and the community in which GEL operates. Environmental care goes beyond legislation and consideration for customers shall imbue the entire company.


GEL Vision

To be the #1 gas company in East Africa.


This is supported by our concentration on several key areas in the LPG industry which are a perfect safety record, brand awareness, customer loyalty, volume sales and profitability as a company.


GEL Mission

To provide safe, sustainable and competitively priced gas solutions to households and businesses.


We aim to achieve this by providing quality, affordable and reliable gas. This means that we ensure the quality of our products (cylinders, gas, and accessories) comply to Kenya standards as a basic, but the process of filling and delivery complies to the best international and local standards. Our prices will be fair to the consumer and our closeness will ensure consumers incur minimum costs in acquiring our product. We are also working with community based organizations and co-operatives in order to ensure people are able to afford G-gas. GEL has also invested in enough bulk storage to ensure consistent availability of product, especially to the domestic consumers.


GEL core values


We respect the dignity and worth of all, regardless of religion, culture, nationality and employment category. We value diversity and draw upon the different strengths, cultures, ideas, experience and talents of people.



We are honest and ethical with others, maintaining the highest standards of personal and professional conduct.



By delivering efficient HR services by staff with the appropriate qualifications, experience, knowledge, skills and abilities, and who demonstrate customer focus, teamwork, leadership, innovation and commitment to excellence and personal professional development.



We work together to find solutions that carry positive results for others as well as ourselves, creating an environment that brings out the best in everyone.



We question “the old way of doing things” and take prudent risks that can lead to innovative performance and process improvement.

The company endeavors to provide exemplary service to its customers through high levels of dedication to work. Our depots are opened early and closed late to cater for diverse customer needs. In addition our Bulk Sales Department has at its disposal a number of trucks to ensure that we make timely deliveries and consistently meet our commitment to our broad range of customers. The long-term objective of the company is to provide diverse and affordable LPG solutions to customers distinct from our competitors and to continually invent new solutions.