Below are a list of questions and answers for very frequently asked questions regarding G-gas and the LPG industry in general. If you can’t find an answer below or require more information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via our contact us page.


1.Is your gas different from gas of other brands?

G-gas is of the same type and quality of cooking gas as any other brand of cooking gas available in the region. It meets all KEBS standards. The only difference being the cylinder brand.


2.Can I exchange your cylinder with other competitors?

Yes. When you go to a G-gas outlet or agent, they will accept your cylinder (see list of government approved cylinders) and give you a G-gas cylinder.


If by any chance you require gas and the G-gas outlet or agent is not open at that time, you can take the G-gas cylinder that you have to a competitor and they will accept your cylinder.


The acceptance of a competitor cylinder is determined by an organization called the Exchange Pool. We are member of the exchange pool (Have link to exchange pool) which allows all those in the pool to exchange their cylinders with that of another brand.


3.Is the G-gas Cylinder compatible with others

Yes. The G-gas cylinder has a universal valve. With its mandate of protecting the Kenyan consumer, the government ordered all members of the LPG industry and specifically those in the exchange pool to have universal specifications especially the valve which is the so called universal valve. That was an awesome move right? So you can now exchange your cylinder with any valid cylinder and be guaranteed that it will work with the equipment you have in your home or business.


4.Why don’t you sell other brands like Total and K-gas, I have been using Total throughout my life.

We are authorized to sell G-gas brand which comes directly from our filing plant.


The Government of Kenya specifies that all LPG vendors should only sell their type of brand. Ever tried going to a Total petrol station and bough a K-gas cylinder? No. Never. As specified earlier, competitors are allowed to collect each other’s cylinders but are not allowed to sell them.


Shhhhh. Ok. Here’s the secret. The government orders LPG vendors to collect competitor’s cylinders but at the end of every month, each vendor is required to submit the cylinders they’ve collected for their competitors to the exchange pool. Yeah, the exchange pool is where all vendors must play nice to each other. After that, its all-out brutal competition! Now you know. Click here for more information.


5.What do the numbers shown at the top of the G-gas cylinder mean?

There are two sets of numbers shown in this area. One indicates the weight of the cylinder when empty and the other indicates the expected weight of the cylinder when the cylinder is filled with gas. You will notice that the difference of the 2 sets of number for the designated 13kg cylinder is 13 and the difference for the designated 6Kg cylinder is 6. These differences reflect the weight of the gas in each different cylinder.


6. Am I getting more gas from G-gas as compared to others?

No. All licensed marketers should fill their cylinders with standard 6kg and 13kg of gas. Doing otherwise will be a safety hazard with a myriad of effects such as the G-gas not “coming out” of the cylinder when you connect it to your cooker or burner. In worst case scenario, an overfilled cylinder becomes a fire hazard. Always insist on a proper weight for your cylinder.


7.Why your prices are lower compared to other shops and brands?

Quality, affordable and reliable gas; this is what drives us here at Green Energy. We have to make LPG affordable so as to attract the masses. That said, our pricing model is not based on high profit margins but rather on volumes and that is why G-gas outlets are popping up everywhere in the country.


We also have a great advantage of having a unique sourcing department with experience in the LPG department. With this, the key to having cheaper than competitor gas is that we source our gas far and wide. We literally go further to serve you better - in this case to bring you quality, affordable and reliable gas.


8.What is required for one to become a G-gas agent?

Please write to us expressing your interest to become our agent. You will be required to fill an account opening form and from there we are in business. Click here for more information about being a G-gas agent.


9.When will G-gas be available in my area?

Thanks for the enthusiasm. Were as excited as you are! Click here to tell us where you live and we shall consider a way of getting LPG to you. As we speak however, Green Energy is opening outlets almost daily across the country. See you soon!