Filling plant

GEL filling plant has a current capacity of 120MT LPG storage facility and is in the process of upgrading the volume to 300MT.Our production line is capable of filling 600 cylinders of 6Kg, 300 cylinders of 13Kg and 75 cylinders of 50Kg per hour. In a normal 8 hour shift our plant will generate 4,800 of 6Kg cylinders or 2,400 of 13Kg cylinders.


Our Plant personnel are qualified and have the knowledge and expertise to expedite the filling process while maintaining and ensuring adherence to Health, environment, Safety and Quality standards of the process. GEL filling obligation will only be to fill Hospitality member cylinders of capacity 3Kg, 6Kg, 13Kg, 25Kg, 35Kg and 50Kg and bulk trucks ONLY on request by the Hospitality member.