Service Guarantee

GEL facility/plant is capable of filling 22Ton of cylinders in a turnaround time of 6 hours. Total production time inclusive of delay and set times is 8 hours. Daily inspections MUST be carried out to ensure Safe working conditions at all times. Our weighbridge service adds value of Quality to ensure Bulk trucks are loaded with precise quantities.


Our Filling plant is fully automated and capable of achieving maximum quality on the quantity of LPG being filled in each type of cylinder. Loading of BULK trucks is carried out at minimum turnarounds for example a 22Ton truck will take a maximum of 40min to load the respective LPG. We are committed in offering and servicing our customer needs or requirements within twenty-four (24) hrs. of receipt of products during business days.


By choosing Hospitality with GEL then you are assured of Quality, Affordable & Reliable services.